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The Depfox Family: Our Life On Youtube

In response to California's passage of Proposition 8, we took our voices to Youtube in attempt to heal some of the anger and sadness we felt...but also to show the world what a gay family looks like. We hoped that seeing the everyday life of a gay family like ours would help people understand who gets hurt by intiatives like california's prop 8. Hopefully these videos help dispell some stereotypes about gay families, gay people as a whole and puts a face on the fight for equality. Here is a sample of our lives as seen through Youtube:

Depfox Dedication

A dedication video featuring some of our other videos made by a great friend on Youtube...Thank you to Nationforbigots for making this.

How Jay met Bryan....Awwwww

Our Wedding!

Reenacting King and King

King and King is a delightful childrens book about a prince who finds love in another prince after his mother attempts to set him up with a whole line up of Princess's. Prop. 8 campaigners used this one to scare California voters that this book "teaches kids to be gay". Watch it and you decide....

Day of Decision

The day the California Supreme Court handed down iis decision on the validity of Prop 8, we had to be there. It was a very sad day for us.

March On Washington

We went to Washington D.C. to let the White house know that we are not going to let people continue to put us back in the closet by voting away our rights and that they cant ignore GLBT issues.

And of course...our very first Youtube video:

Gay Family Values

To see more of our videos please visit us at the link below:

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