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Welcome to the Gay Family Values Great stuff! recommendation page. From time to time we come across great books and movies that move us or educate us and that we want to share. sometimes its difficult to find great resources about being gay, getting married, adopting, etc, so it helps to share what we know. Were we can we will provide a link to were an item can be purchased. And I will not put a book or movie on this page I haven't viewed. The only exception to this being things like, Ben and Jerry's "Hubby Hubby" ice cream...I cant find that stuff anywhere!!!

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King and King Linda De Haan and Stern Nijland

This is an Awsome childrens book about two princes that meet and fall in love. This book has been used by various anti-gay groups in attempt to show that homosexuality is being taught in public schools. but...why write about the book when I can show you:

King And King And Family Linda De Haan and Stern Nijland

In this wonderfull sequel to "King and King" the two kings now set off on there honeymoon together with their Crown Kitty. They fly off to jungle land. but, when they return home, they have a stowaway...whatever will they do? Read the book to find out.

The Spell of Religion:Sheri Lynn Lawson

And Tango Makes Three Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson



Directed by Jonah Markowitz, "Shelter" tells the story of a "Zach" a young man sacrificing his dreams in order to help his take care of his injured father, irresponsible sister and his nephew. After his best friend goes to college Zach is left alone. Along comes his best friens brother "Shaun" coming home to mend his own broken heart. The two hit it off as freinds, then it becomes something more. Leaving Zack to face not only his life decisions but his sexuality as well.

This story not only tells a very sweet love story but shows the character struggles with loyalty to family and the struggles of coming out to ourselves and others. Do we give up everything we need in life for the good of our family? Everyone answers that differently, but this movie did an awsome job of relating his struggles as anything but black and white. I gave this one two thumbs up.

For The Bible Tells Me So (DVD)

"For The Bible Tells Me So" is a must see if you grew up in a conservative, religous, Christian home. It was hard for me to watch this and not relive sundays past and hear the echoes of what was told to me about gay people from my family and from my church. This movie Shows the lives of a several families and their attempts to deal with having gay children and reconcile that with their religious beliefs. The stories range from the victorious to the tragic, From the Story of Gene Robinson, a gay man who became Bishop of New Hampshire's Episcopal church to a gay tean joined by hiis family in protesting outside James Dobson's focus on the family offices and the story of a young girl now lost to suicide. All of their stories and others, offer an important point to the overall message of the film and I challenge anyone to now be moved by them. The movie also offers a look at the often used Bible passages used to condemn homosexuality and provides a deeper understanding to their meaning. I loved watching this movie even as it was uncomfortable to watch. It has helped me affirm that mayby I'm not automatically codemned for being gay. Also that I don't have to keep my sexuality and my beliefs separate from each other. I think many people will find this movie immensly healing....Bryan


A More Equal Union Sean Chapin
This is the debut album by a great Youtube friend and marriage equality activist. The song styles range from rap, pop, to electronic...if you have Itunes check it out here: Sean Chapin - More Equal Union

FREE Sam Harris
Sam Harris is the winner of the very first season of Star Search and a fantastic vocalist. He's also an out gay dad which hits a soft spot for us. :) Check it out here on Sam Harris - Free and below on amazon. Enjoy!

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