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Ask A Gay Family: Q and A series

Go ahead..ask us...You know you want to

Our latest series: "Ask A Gay Family" Feel free to send us your questions.

Ep. 8: Fag, Queer, And Diapersniffers

Question 1. How Do You Handle P.D.A's "Public Displays Of Affection"?

Question 2. What would you two do if, in public, someone made a homophobic remark, insulted you, or got physically aggresive... What would you do?

Ep. 7: Bi Canadians

Question 1. Have you ever considered moving to Canada?

Question 2. What are your views on Bisexuality?

Ep. 6: What If?

Question 1. How do we exsplain when negative gay comments come up?

Question 2. What if the kids are Gay?

Ep. 5: Why We Picked Leffew

Question 1. What do the kids want to be when they grow up?

Question 2. Why Leffew as your last name?

Ep. 4: GOD and Religion

Question 1. Will you make your children be Christian? or wil you let them choose?

Question 2: Being gay & Christian do you have a hard time explaining to other people about your religiouse beliefs?

Ep. 3: Do The Kids Get Teased?

Question 1. Do youre kids get teased for having two dads & If so how doyou help them?

Question #2: Jay do you ever deal with homophobia at work?

Ep. 2: How Did We Tell The Kids?

Question 1. Why Daddy Jay & Daddy Bryan?

Question 2. How did we explain to Daniel & Selena about us being gay? & How did they take it?

Ep. 1: Is Daniel Disabled?

Question 1. Does Daniel have medical Disabilities?

Question 2. Response to Garysher3's comments.

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