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Greetings everyone, If you are new to our site let me offer an introduction. We are: Jay, Bryan, Daniel, and Selena, known on youtube as the Depfox family. When Prop 8 was approved in California on November 4'th, 2008, we were a private family living in Northern California. Like many other gay families, we were angered and saddened by its passage but, had nowhere to go to express that anger or to talk with others who understood what it means to have your rights stripped away in such a manner. We did a search for "gay families" on the internet and found nothing reflecting what our lives really looked like.

Thus we put our first video onto Youtube. Just a simple video of our family sitting around the dinner table talking to Youtube listeners about Prop 8. That video did better than we could have ever expected and we saw a need to show people what a gay family really looked like. We wanted to put a face on the fight for marriage equality and to break some stereotypes about GLBT families.

The purpose of this sight is to support the GLBT community in a variety of ways:

First, to continue to show the world what a gay family looks like in a raw and unvarnished way. This has always been the aim of all our Youtube videos. This site will serve as an archive and alterative source to view those videos. We also wish to provide news on the fight for marriage equality from all over the nation.

Secondly, we wish To show young GLBT people that they too can have the lives they want but have been told they cannot have. We have recieved countless Emails from young GLBT people stating that they didn't believe that they would ever be able to meet someone fall in love, and have a family. Our answer to everyone who feels this way is,..."Yes you can!" We are glad that our videos provide hope and show that building a family is possible. Jay and I felt the same way as many of you did When we first came out, but we did it and so can you. We have been asked often "how we adopted" and in this site we hope to give the GLBT community, resources and support to begin their own family building journey.

We hope you enjoy the sight. We are not adoption profesionals, just one family sharing its story and offering support. We know how hard it can be to find positive images and information about gay families and even harder to find resources when it comes to GLBT adoption. We also hope that in some way this sight will continue to break stereotypes, bring hope, Advance the struggle for marriage equality, and help build more families.

Thank you, The Depfox Family

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